Basic Information and Motivation

This is my personal blog. My intent is to use this as mostly a technical blog, though it is by no means limited by this. I hope to cover a wide variety of topics from electronics, to math, to web design, and much more. Anything is fair game.

My primary motivation is to post as I learn. My basic philosophy is you don't truly understand something until you're able to explain/teach it to someone else.

In addition to my primary motivation I also intend to use my blog as a way for me to document stuff I've learned.

I will not omit math and details (well, I might omit a few details). To do so in my opinion makes for great entertainment and is a neat visualization tool, but somewhat hinders the user being able to use the material in practice. It also makes for quite poor documentation.

Accessing Content & Browser Support

I don't extensively test for browser support on my blog. Pretty much all testing to make sure stuff looks right and works is done in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. I'll try my best to make sure my blog is HTML 4.01 or HTML 5 compliant so any modern browser should work, but no guarantees. I do occasional mobile testing on an Android Tablet, but as far as the blog is concerned there are no mobile-platform specific settings on. The current version of Android I have is 4.0.x "Ice Cream Sandwich". I test by opening up the page using the standard browser (Google Chrome).

I do use Javascript quite a bit so things may not show up properly if you have Javascript disabled or your browser does not have proper Javascript support. Many feed readers don't process Javascript so they likely won't work correctly with posts which use Javascript. Because of this I try to avoid using Javscript in portions of posts which may show up in a feed reader, though sometimes things get through the cracks.

Re-using Content and Legal Stuff

Creative Commons License
Helloworld922's Blog by helloworld922 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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